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所有網上購物訂單 HK$499 以上可享免費順豐速遞送貨至香港和澳門。

最低消費 HK$349。 ​付款方式: FPS、本地銀行轉帳

歡迎批發查詢 - 醫院、醫生、公司、機構等。保證優惠價格。

N Medical SureMasks™ are medical grade surgical face masks made to maximise comfort with the highest level protection.  The mask is made of 3 layers of non woven materials, with the inner layer made of silky-smooth and beathable non woven material to ensure all day wear comfort. The face mask has a unique 4-fold up-down 3D design to create extra space between the wearer's nose and the face mask, further reduces irritations. SureMask is effective protection against virus, germs, dust, blood, and particles. Every batch of masks are also sterilized through Ethelyene Oxide (EO) in their final packaging to ensure cleanliness and minimal bacteria. Product is currently used by various hospitals and medical professionals.


The masks are made in ISO13485 medical device manufacturing compliant facility with strict quality control standards to meet various medical standards including US FDA and EU CE.


Certification include US FDA, EN 14683 Type IIR, ASTM Level 2, EU CE, ISO 10993 Biocompatibility (Test for Vitro Cytotoxicity, Skin Irritant Test, Skin Sensitisation Test), ISO 11737 Microbio cleanliness test, PFE (0.1 micron)>99%, BFE (3.0 micron)>99%, VFE ASTM F2101,Delta P (Breathability) < 4.0mm H₂O/CM², Fluid Resistance 120mmHg, Flame Spread Class 1.


Available for Hospital, Hotels, & Corporate OEM/ODM - custom specifications. MOQ applies.


Product Features

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