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N Medical 無紡布傷口貼 (紗布膠布) Non-woven Island Adhesive Dressing 是一種自粘、柔軟的無紡布傷口敷料。傷口貼由無紡布、非粘性吸收墊和低過敏性防水粘合劑構成。適用於術後傷口、輕微燒傷、淺表割傷、擦傷等。傷口創可貼能貼合彎曲部位,適用於膝蓋、手肘、和較大的傷口。傷口貼也可用於腿部潰瘍等滲出液少的慢性傷口。


Product Features

  • Product name: Sterile Non Woven Island Dressing Bandaid with Pad
  • Product Certifications: EU CE, ISO 13485 (Medical Device), Certificate of Analysis, (For sterile products only - ISO 11135 or 11137 (Sterilisation), Certification of Sterilisation)
  • Brand: N Medical
  • Adhesive Size: 5 x 7cm
  • Pad Size: 2.5 x 4cm
  • Sterility: EO sterilized
  • Packaging: Individually sealed edge packed
  • Color: White
  • Material: Premium non-woven
  • SKU: NM-NW0507
  • Features: Flexible wound dressing especially suitable for elbows and knee.
  • Product Reference:
  • Pcs/Unit: 50
  • Units/Ctn: 10

N Med 無紡布傷口貼 (紗布膠布) 5x7cm | 50 pcs/box

庫存單位: NM-NW0507