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最低消費 HK$349。 ​付款方式: FPS、本地銀行轉帳

歡迎批發查詢 - 醫院、醫生、公司、機構等。保證優惠價格。

N Medical Basic Commode Chair is designed for use in medical settings. It is a practical and versatile mobility aid designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in their daily activities. It serves as a portable toilet and a comfortable chair, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, or any area where access to a traditional toilet may be challenging. The chair features a sturdy frame, often made of durable materials like aluminum or steel, and is equipped with a removable commode bucket for easy cleaning. The Commode Chair provides a convenient and hygienic solution for individuals with mobility limitations, ensuring independence and dignity.


Product Features

  • Product name: N Med Basic Commode Chair
  • Product Certifications: EU CE, ISO 13485 (Medical Device), US FDA 510K
  • Brand: N Medical
  • Size: 
  • Color: Silver
  • Features: Sterdy Aluminum. Practical and versatile.
  • Product Reference: 

  • Pcs/Unit: 1

  • Units/Ctn: 1

N Med Basic Commode Chair

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