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N Medical Rollator Walker is a versatile and efficient mobility aid designed to provide support and enhanced mobility for individuals with walking difficulties. This four-wheeled walker offers stability, comfort, and convenience. Its sturdy frame, often constructed from lightweight materials like aluminum, ensures durability and easy maneuverability. The rollator walker features ergonomic handles with comfortable grips, adjustable height settings, and a built-in seat for resting when needed. Equipped with locking brakes, it offers safety and stability when standing or sitting. Additional features may include a storage pouch or basket for carrying personal belongings. The Rollator Walker is a reliable and practical solution that promotes independence and confidence for individuals with mobility challenges.


Product Features

  • Product name: N Med Rollator Walker
  • Product Certifications: EU CE, ISO 13485 (Medical Device), US FDA 510K
  • Brand: N Medical
  • Size: 
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Sterdy Aluminum. Practical and versatile.
  • Product Reference: 

  • Pcs/Unit: 1

  • Units/Ctn: 1

N Med Hospital Rollator Walker (Adjustable Height)

庫存單位: NM-ROLLA
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