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N Medical Aquesous Cream BP 醫用水性乳霜是一種乳化軟膏,在水性混合物中,產生一種不油膩的乳膏,用於保護皮膚免受污垢和油脂的侵害,並作為皮膚清潔劑具有清潔作用。


Aqueous Cream是一種乳化軟膏(含有乳化蠟、液體石蠟和白色軟石蠟。乳化蠟本身含有鯨蠟硬脂醇和十二烷基硫酸鈉, 苯氧乙醇,純淨水


Product Features

  • Product name: Aqueous Cream BP
  • 產品規格: GMP, Certificate of Analysis (檢驗證明書)
  • Brand: N Medical
  • Size: 500g
  • Sterility: None
  • Packaging: Single sealed tub.
  • Color: White cream
  • Material: emulsifying wax, liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin
  • SKU: NM-AQ500
  • Features: Manufactured at GMP certified plant. Non-greasy cream ideal to be used as body moisturiser or cleanser
  • Product Reference:
  • Pcs/Unit: 500g/tub
  • Units/Ctn: 10

N Med 醫用水溶性乳霜 | Aqueous Cream B.P. 500g

庫存單位: NM-AQ500
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